Facebook Records With One Billion Users In a Single Day

Facebook Records With One Billion Users in a Single Day

facebook users login count

      Facebook has created a new record. On Monday i.e. 24 Aug 2015, one billion users were logged onto the Facebook from all over the world. Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerburg announced that they passed an important milestone. And this is the first time.

In 2012, Facebook had reached one billion users in a month. But this is the first time that Facebook has more log-in on a single day. On Monday, one person among seven has used Facebook. If we compare these billion users count with countries population, Users count stands at 3rd place whereas India and China are having more than one billion population.

facebook users login count

Facebook announced that more than half of the users were visiting at least once per month.With this record, Zuckerberg is more confident that Facebook growth will continue. Number of registered users with Facebook is greater than the China population.Last year Facebook has reached the milestone of 1 billion active users on mobiles in one month.
facebook users login count

Facebook was founded in 2004. But it became more popular within a less period of time. Day by day the users of Facebook increased. One of the best factor in the increase of Facebook users is smartphones. Due to these smartphones, users are able to access Facebook easily. Now Facebook became a biggest social networking sites in the world.

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