Useful tip to open links & close tabs using mouse wheel

Do you know how to open links in individual tabs and closing the tabs using the mouse wheel? Here is the Tip.You could use this tip to open links quickly in separate tabs and close tabs.

 Generally when we want to open a link, we click on the link using the left- click or right-click. It is a waste of time.Whenever you find any link on a web page and if you want to open that link, just click on the link using the mouse wheel.The link will open in a new tab.So that you can't lost your previous page.

And if you want to close the tab, generally we click on 'Close' icon.A simple way to close the tab is just place the mouse pointer somewhere in the middle of the tab and press the mouse wheel.Then the tab would close.

If mouse wheel is not working:

If your wheel is not working or your mouse doesn't have the wheel, then you can open the tab by holding the Ctrl button and click on the link.It will open in a new tab.

This tip is more useful for you while shopping in the e-commerce sites such as Paytm,ebay,amazon,pepperfry,flipkart and etc...Because when you shop in online, you will see more results about the required product.So if you use above technique you can buy your product with less strain.And this tip is useful in another place and it is while searching for coupons in indiafreestuff,freekaamall,savemyrupee,dealsgag and etc... This tip will work in Google chrome and Firefox.Let us know if it works in the other browsers.

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