A Car Powered By Whisky Residue !

Now, A Car Powered By Whisky Residue.

carss from whisky residue

Yes..Till now we have seen the cars with diesel, petrol and gas. Now the cars would be powered with wine. Scientists in Scotland have become the first from all over the world to produce biofuel cars powered by the residues of whisky. Edinburgh-based Celtic Renewables are planning to start a production facility in central Scotland after the manufacturing of first samples from whisky residue.

The Company was already funded with 11 million euros for the plant to make biofuels. The biofuel is produced from draff of whisky production which is made with barley soaked in water and pot ale, copper containing yeasty which remains after distillation.

This process was started 100 years ago but it was failed in competition with the petrochemical industry. Now the petrol prices are high, if this process is successful then it would be more economical as compared to earlier prices.

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