Vijayawada Born Female as Twitter CEO!

Vijayawada Born as Twitter CEO!

Padmasree as Twitter CEO

Till now Microsoft's Satya Nadella and Google's Sundar Pichai, another Indian-born female seems to become as the head of one of the most successful companies in the World. 

Yellepeddi Padmasree known as Padmasree Warrior is now in race for the position of Twitter CEO. She completed her schooling in Montessori High School and completed Intermediate in Maris Stella College in Andhra Pradesh. Later she pursued chemical engineering in IIT -Delhi and post-graduate at Cornell University. 

 Forbes named Padmasri Warrior as one of the World's 100 most powerful women in 2014. Jock Dorsey is the current interim CEO as Dick Costolo resigned as Twitter CEO. Most of the chances for Padmasree even though four members are in the race.

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