Watch Bithiri Sathi Funny Conversation Over Google Company

Watch Bithiri Sathi Funny Conversation Over Google Company

Bithiri Sathi has done a funny conversation with Savitri over Google company. Sathi and Savitri conversation is completely in Telangana slang. You will start your laugh once you see the conversation and especially Sathi's innocent expressions.

Bithiri Sathi generates the humour by responding to the situations in  his way of style which is not possible for anyone to do those expressions  naturally.Day by day the response for this funny conversation is increasing in social networking sites.

Every day, a funny conversation goes on between Savitri and Bithiri Sathi. Today Sathi and Savitri came up with the topic on job in Google company. Sathi asks his sister Savitri to recommend him for the job in Google company. As there are more comforts and good salary in Google, Sathi wants to get that job. But Savitri tells to Sathi that government job is the best one in the world.

Watch The Video:

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