Is Engineering a good career option now ?

Engineering as a career option:

Without any hesitation, we can say Engineering is a good career option. Not only engineering, there are many which have very good career option. Only thing is Interest on that course. Coming to engineering, there are many jobs across the globe for engineers. But many of the engineer graduates are jobless. The main reason for this situation is lack of skills. Students are not up-to the expectation of the companies.

Let  see the reasons behind this.


First and foremost reason is, some of the students are choosing the engineering course as their friends are choosing or relatives opted. They don't know what engineering is and what they can get from that course. While choosing engineering as a career option, they have to know some basic information on engineering i.e the details of branches and they have to find out their interest in those branches and the details of job market for that course. Students can get these type of information from their seniors, brothers and career guidance agencies or Internet, nowadays every information is available in web.

After knowing the required details, student will have some basic idea and their interest on Engineering. If they are interested they can choose any one branch based on their interest. If they feel that Engineering is not the right one for them, they can choose other graduation course, which also have very good career options. 


Career Options through Engineering

Let see the career opportunities based on each engineering branch separately.

Computer Science: If you want to opt Computer Science, you can find out many Software Jobs in the market. Now the world is looking to develop many things through Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning, Data Science, Block Chain and many. So if  you start learning these skills from the graduation, it will be easy to get the job. Other branches people can also get Software Job but the job is not related to their study.

Electronics: If you want to opt Electronics, you can get the jobs in the field of Embedded Systems, VLSI, Instrumentation, Communications and many.

Civil: If you are looking for Civil, you can look out for the jobs in construction field as a Civil Engineer, Civil Architect...etc

Similarly for mechanical, electrical and other fields also have good job market.

After the completion of the Engineering, some students are looking are looking for non-engineering government jobs, where there is no relation to their graduation. If you are a engineering graduate and want to settle in a government job, try for engineering related govt jobs. Or if you want to get any government job, then choose the appropriate graduation which will be easy in cracking the job.

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